Friendly, affordable and accessible

At Vision Hotels, we have a unique proposition and it all centres around people, community and providing choice in abundance. Having a great holiday means different things to different people, so the Vision Hotels experience can range from a winter break whiling the hours away relaxing by the fire or a summer holiday trekking in the mountains. The choice is yours.

AA 3 Star accommodation and great values

On the surface, it may appear that we are a hotel chain like any other. We have great facilities, amenities and services and are proud that all of our hotels have been awarded the AA 3 Star accreditation, but that’s not what makes us tick.

Intent on creating inclusive environments

Our commitment to creating a wholly inclusive environment is unwavering but we recognise that although our history is something we are proud of providing services for people with disabilities has been outside of the mainstream.

Since society is becoming more focussed on including people with disabilities rather than making adaptations, Vision Hotels are evolving and making changes every single day and watching our Hotels blossom.

Our history informs our future

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, when we simply offered holiday breaks for blind and partially sighted people. We realised that the friendly, relaxed and comfortable environments that we created and our incredibly helpful and accommodating staff were quite a powerful combination and that it would just be unfair to keep this the UK’s best kept secret.

Today, Vision Hotels has stayed true to its values and now provides great holiday experiences that anyone and everyone can enjoy, but we have also remained loyal to the community that has been at the core of our success and know that this experience is like no other for visually impaired visitors and we intend to keep it that way.

Feel great and do good. Pay less and give more.

In an ideal world, a person’s ability would not be a factor in influencing whether or not they have an enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free holiday and we are determined to ensure that we make this ideal a reality.

Although Vision Hotels operates exactly like a commercial business, we are different because we are a non-profit organisation and are part of Action for Blind People.

We think that this is great for everyone. People from all walks of life and all abilities can enjoy our hotels and we see ourselves as a mainstream hotel with a big difference.

Vision Hotels and visual impairment

Travel for most visually impaired people is fraught with difficulty, worry and stress, as it is virtually impossible to replicate the set-up that most people spend a long time creating in their home environments. As such, they usually make compromises or do not participate in certain activities, which ultimately results in not having the rich holiday experience they deserve.

At Vision Hotels, the intimate understanding of the needs of visually impaired people is at the core of all of the services and activities that our hotels provide, creating the perfect foundation to enable visually impaired hotel visitors to relax and have choice, to tailor their holiday around what they want to do and not what they are able to do.


The Cliffden

Exterior photo of  the Cliffden Hotel

The perfect place to relax and take in the sumptuous surroundings or discover the beauty of the English Riviera.

Windermere Manor

Exterior photo  of the Windermere Manor Hotel

A magnificent Victorian hotel, with breathtaking views over Lake Windermere and the Langdale Pikes.

The Lauriston Hotel

Exterior photo of the Lauriston Hotel

A warm, friendly and spacious hotel, with a picturesque seafront location in the heart of the Somerset countryside.

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